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Visual identity design and brand campaign for

Visual Identity Redesign

The Challenge: Create an identity that feels modernized, approachable, and efficient in order to highlight's defining characteristic: its extensive database of pets. Communicate both the ease of using an aggregator site, but also the joy of adopting an animal.

The redesigned identity communicates the brand's approachability and efficiency with a flexible system that uses playful colors, simple shapes, and clever copy. With this new identity, the brand has a curated, cohesive presence, which it previously lacked.

Early sketches and typographic explorations experimented with merging animal imagery and web icons, as well as typographic hierarchy within portmanteaus.

The final mark draws inspiration from highly interactive digital elements: buttons and search bars. This visual connection directly communicates the digital nature of the brand and feels clean and concise.

As part of the redesign, was renamed to "Adoptable" to make the brand sound more modern and concise. The name "Adoptable" describes all pets on the platform. The typographic distinction between "adopt" and "able" emphasizes the word "adopt," which is the primary function of the brand.