Function/Fashion: The Duality of Renaissance Armor

Identity design for a museum exhibition

The Objective: Conceptualize a museum exhibition and design an identity to be applied to advertisements and artifacts across multiple platforms.

Both highly durable and elaborately decorative, Renaissance armor was the ultimate status symbol to project wealth and power. Fashion/Function: The Duality of Renaissance Armor displays an impressive collection of 15th to 16th century European armor that highlights the laborious craft of creating such high performance gear, while also showing how armor design drew inspiration from the latest fashion of the time. 

The Collection: With work ranging from full suits of armor to individual pieces created by armorers across Europe, the exhibition presents a variety of armor that all demonstrate the gear's purpose of being both extremely functional and fashionable.

Website Landing Page: The landing page features the dramatic animated lockup, which utilizes expressive typography and a 45° forward slash to communicate the exhibition's concept of armor's dual purpose.

Instagram Posts: Social media assets feature additional text that supports the exhibition's conceptual theme.

Postcards: Commemorative postcards serve as attractive and functional stationery with the dramatic lockup and additional text on the front and a light grey writing surface on the back.