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Brand Awareness Campaign for Glossier

The Objective: Develop a dynamic, social-focused brand awareness campaign for Glossier. Conceptualize and design a campaign identity, social media content, and a 30 second commercial spot, along with a playbook of research and strategy.

The Insight: People want to feel encouraged and embraced for their natural appearance and who they are.

The Insight: Let's showcase Glossier's belief in natural beauty by capturing moments where people feel confident and beautiful in playful "Polaroids."

The 30 second spot highlights real Glossier customers' natural beauty, aligning with Glossier's brand purpose of developing skincare products and makeup for effortless and natural looks.

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Wallpaper Gif.gif
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The campaign's visual elements provide a spin on Glossier's existing identity by utilizing their current colors and typography, but also incorporating new illustrative flourishes and the "Polaroid" frame. The usage of genuine customer images, as opposed to studio photography, also speaks to Glossier's reputation for communicating and engaging with their user community.

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