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Change is Better Together
Creative concept development and design for a brand campaign

The Objective: Increase consideration of the client's alternative fuel vehicles amongst alt-fuel fence-sitters.

The Creative Concept: Change is better together.

The Insight: Change is hard, but there are ways to make it easier. People want to feel supported when they're going through change, and going through it with others is one major way to feel supported.

My Role: Develop social media and experiential event ideas for the campaign that communicate our team's creative concept, and bring our concept to life by designing mockups.

The Challenge: Empower people to make the switch to alt-fuel by inspiring communities of change.

The Team: Joe Litwak, Kaylie Volpe, Gabriella Gonzalez, Elly Hardy, Valerie Fontanez


Organic Social Media Concept: "Calling All Changemakers" invites individuals to post about

a change they want to make in their community.

The client would select winners to fund and connect with a nonprofit partner that shares their cause.


Experiential Event Concept: At these pop-up events, people can participate in a group spin class where the energy generated from pedaling the bikes provides electricity for lights in a public park.

With both the social media and the experiential event concepts, the client has the opportunity to promote their alternative fuel vehicles and encourage customers to make the switch to alt-fuel by showing how creating change in the community and going through personal change is better with the support of others.

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