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Coupa Software 2022
Benchmark Report
Visual identity and digital asset design for Coupa Software

The Objective: Design a unique visual identity for Coupa Software's 2022 Business Spend Management Benchmark Report. Coupa's Benchmark Report is an ebook that provides a summary of KPIs for the Business Spend Management industry, and it serves as one of Coupa's most leveraged assets.

The Challenge: Create an identity that expands upon Coupa's existing brand visuals, but is also unique on its own. Design a whole suite of digital assets, including publications, socials, and ads, with a consistent look and feel that communicates the Benchmark Report's main theme.

The visual identity communicates the 2022 report's theme: "United by the Power of Spend" by showing how members of the Business Spend Management community are connected by shared goals—visualized here as icons that represent the KPIs provided in the report.

The design process began with developing the visuals for the report itself, which served as the main star of the campaign and would inform the design of all other marketing assets. Human photography was emphasized to create a personal connection to our community.

The campaign-specific report design leverages existing Coupa brand visual elements, but expands upon it with unique photography and icon treatments that speak to the report's theme.

A unique webpage provides an overview of the report and directs users to download.