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Identity design and illustrations for Trinket

The Objective: Design a unique and playful identity system for Trinket, a gamified hiking companion created for IDEA Hacks, a 36-hour hardware hackathon hosted by UCLA. The final project must be shown in a branded presentation that showcases Trinket's functionality.

The Challenge: Develop visual assets for a variety of needs, including logo design, character illustration and animation, website UI mockup, and presentation design—all in 36 hours!

The Team: Fred Chu, Justin Jianto, Caleb Terrill, and Bryan Wong. This project received the 2nd place prize at IDEA Hacks 2022.

Trinket is a gamified hiking companion that incentivizes fitness and exploration through randomized objectives and collectible rewards. Users are randomly assigned outdoor fitness objectives, and once they're completed, they are rewarded with a Trinket, a little companion that evolves as the user stays active.

Each Trinket starts off small, but evolves into larger and more detailed characters to reflect their user's fitness progress. Their nature-themed design relates to the outdoor aspect of the fitness objectives, and users are incentivized to complete objectives and stay active to see their little companion grow. Bouncing animations bring the Trinkets to life in a simple yet playful way.

Trinkets accompany the user on their adventures by living inside the TrinketTracker device, which tracks hiking data to complete objectives and displays the active Trinket on an OLED screen.

The Trinket wordmark features a leaf icon that also resembles a map pin, alluding to Trinket's function of inspiring users to adventure outdoors. The playful logotype also communicates the product's lightheartedness. 

Users can view their Trinket collection and their objectives on the Trinket website, which syncs to their TrinketTracker device and keeps all their achievements organized.

The Trinket identity expresses the product's playful personality and the character designs communicate progression that incentivizes the user, all while retaining a practical functionality necessary for the product's usability.

View the full Trinket presentation here.

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